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Our expert team of psychologists’ works with children, teens, and adults with autism spectrum disorder and their families to achieve positive outcomes. Psychological services include several options for treatment and assessment often starting with an intake. The intake assessment is geared toward gathering information specific to the individual and family to determine necessary services that will optimize functioning. Intake is a necessary first step to access the various services offered at the University of Louisville Autism Center. Individual and family therapy is offered to individuals on the spectrum and their families to improve functioning with regard to behavior, social/peer interactions or other difficulties such as anxiety, sadness, worries or compulsions. Working with families is an integral part of our treatment approach and we often network with other community resources to optimize outcome. Group therapy focuses primarily on strengthening peer interactions and providing skills to facilitate social relationships. Our groups range from preschool all the way to adulthood. Often psychologists team up with other professionals such as occupational therapists to provide a combination of social and adaptive skills. Treatment consults are provided for families who cannot consistently attend weekly sessions. The psychologist will gather as much information possible regarding the behavior that needs to be addressed and develop a treatment plan that will best work given the supports in your specific environment. Psychological assessments are often conducted to assess strengths and challenges to inform and better guide our treatment approach. Diagnostic assessments are also conducted by psychologists when there is confusion about the diagnosis and if autism is suspected.

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